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How Self-Criticism and Poor Body Image Is Sabotaging Your Ability to Lose Weight

Self-criticism and poor body image actually have an affect on your physiology. Your thoughts and emotions can get you sick AND overweight!

Is My Weight Loss Program Healthy for Me?

Recent studies have shown that the majority of weight loss programs today fail when it comes to long term results. Why does this occur? The truth is, very few of these programs promote improved health. Instead they focus on quick results which actually works against the body, resulting in failure of the program.

Hello, Do You Want To Help Yourself Or Not?

While we all need to live life from a positive space, sometimes we also need a butt kicking… and that is what today’s article is… a butt kicker that is asking, “Do you want to help yourself or not?” It is a serious question and one that rises from the mountain of excuses that are offered every single day by millions of people who fuss, moan, groan, complain and whine about their health yet don’t want to take authentic action to change it.

What Do 8000 Mini-Crunches Do?

It awakens the stagnate muscles in your stomach. It makes your waist smaller. It will even make that 6-pack start to take shape. And you know what’s even better? It’s easy.

Nutrition Guide to Losing Body Fat

Losing weight/body fat can be a challenging task, but with this amazing guide you will be on your way to greatness. You are what you eat, but there is more to it. Where is exactly what you need to succeed.

Guide To Losing Weight Safely And Effectively

Losing unwanted pounds is hard but necessary. Avoiding drastic changes to your diet, doing physical activities that you enjoy, and using supplements can help you achieve your desired weight.

5 Common Sense Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to figuring out how to lose weight, a lot of people are looking for that magic bullet. A simple, easy solution that will instantly eliminate all of their excess body fat. If you want to figure out how to lose weight, take a couple of minutes to think about the common sense advice that is offered in this article.

How To Lose Weight By Trying Very Simple Things

Many of us are very conscious with our weight. It can affect both our appearance and health. The more weight you have in the body, the less physical activity you can do. Moreover, you can be at risk of certain diseases. In any case, it is now very easy to find a way for losing weight. This means you can do some of them from home. Moreover, there are supplements that you can also take to help you lose weight. Of course, the important thing is you should know how they work. This way, you can have a better decision n choosing the method for you. So if you are planning to lose some weight, we will give you a few tips to make it happen.

You Can Eat Fat Foods And Still Lose Weight If You Do This One Thing

Each one of us has our list of favorite fat foods which we find too difficult to give up. No matter how much we try, we give in to temptation when it comes to these particular foods. Their power over us seems to be too great to overcome. After many failed attempts, we might simply stop resisting and lose the desire to fight any more.

10 Breakfast Ideas and 3 Simple Exercises to Help You Lose Weight

Eating breakfast is very important, because it gives you the energy and nutrients you need to kick start your day. If you set off for work or school on an empty stomach, you will feel extra hungry around lunch time, and you may not be able to control yourself to make the right food choices. You may be skipping breakfast because you are trying to lose weight, but there are many healthy and delicious breakfast choices that can help you achieve better weight loss results.

Constantly Hungry? Here’s How to Curb Your Appetite for Weight Loss

Eating too many empty calories and processed foods can promote a constant state of hunger. At the same time, making the switch to a healthier diet can also result in a seemingly insatiable appetite at first. If you fall into one of these categories, don’t worry: there are some easy changes you can make to your lifestyle and eating habits that will keep you feeling full longer.

Learn How To Start Losing Weight

If you have previously tried to lose weight, then you know how hard it is if you do not have a plan. There are so many things that you can do to help you achieve weight loss and one of the most important would have to be to get into a diet and exercise routine. Many people do not know where to start.

Belly Fat Elimination

Belly fat is a huge issue for the majority of the western world. In this article, I discuss my 5 top belly fat eliminating tips!

Fitness Motivation – Start Now Not Tomorrow

Start losing weight and getting fit. Stop making excuses and start improving your well being. This will give you an introduction on how to prepare for losing weight efficiently.

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